Thiocyanate Bioreactor Radial Tree

A prototype radial tree visualization by Stamen Design in collaboration with Banfield Lab at UC Berkeley.

The tree displays the phylogenetic hierarchy of organisms in a bioreactor experiment designed to analyze organisms that could be used in microbial-based remediation strategies for cyanide-contaminated wastewater from gold ore processing.

Contig Taxonomy table downloaded from the ggKBase CN-SCN binning project for the Thiocyanate Bioreactor group.

Visualization based on Radial Dendrogram by Mike Bostock.

Bioreactor microbial ecosystems for thiocyanate and cyanide degradation unraveled with genome-resolved metagenomics
Kantor, R.S., van Zyl, A.W., van Hille, R.P., Thomas, B.C., Harrison, S.T.L., and Banfield, J.F. (2015)